Youth Summer Schedule
Junior and Senior High

Wednesday night schedule

         Date    Location Food Provider Lesson
Jul-1     Beatty Residence Beatty Family Lauren S.
Jul-15     Dunham Residence Dunham Family Jessica K.
Jul-29     Windle Residence Windle Family Lauren S.
Aug-5     The Fair The Fair Stacy L.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers to get the parsonage ready for Vince and Alisha to move in. Painting, cleaning, etc.

Volunteers for our youth programs: 
Sunday School teachers
HiN craft leaders, cooks, teachers, crew members, etc.

We need someone to mow, weed eat & trim bushes for August.

New Youth Minister
We want to welcome Vince Chan and his soon to be wife, Alisha  to Saybrook Christian Church as our new youth minister. Vince will start serving August 2nd, 2015.

Area Men's Meeting August 4th
This month's meeting is at College Park Christian Church.


Third Saturday of the month.

TIMES: 8:30-9:30 AM

August 15