Landscaping Person Needed
We are needing volunteers to take care of the church properties. We need someone to mow the yards and we need people to take care of the flowers and other plants.

If anyone is interested, please contact Stacy.


Saybrook will be doing it's annual citywide clean-up Saturday, May 9th. The dumpster will be down town from 9-Noon. They will take anything but hazardous materials.

May 9th: Annual Blood Drive
Please mark your calendars for this life saving event. We will be holding our annual blood drive May 9th, 8-noon??? Times can vary.

If you want to donate blood, please set up an appointment with Linda Beatty if you haven't already.


Third Saturday of the month.

TIMES: 9-10am

May 16th

June 20th

Little Galilee Christian Camp Work days
The camp is needing people to come down and help clean-up for the summer camps. If you can spare any time please let Stacy know in the office. Thanks. It can be on the weekend or during the week, whenever you are available.

As well, the camp is need of paper products. If you can donate TP or Paper towels, please bring them to the church prior to May 14th. Thank you.

Vacation Bible School June 22-26
Our annual VBS is coming soon. We need volunteers and children. Contact Jonathan Burian for more information.