Landscaping Person Needed
We are needing volunteers to take care of the church properties. We need someone to mow the yards and we need people to take care of the flowers and other plants.

If anyone is interested, please contact Stacy.


Little Galilee Christian Camp Work days
The camp is needing people to come down and help clean-up for the summer camps. If you can spare any time please let Stacy know in the office. Thanks. It can be on the weekend or during the week, whenever you are available.

As well, the camp is need of paper products. If you can donate TP or Paper towels, please bring them to the church as soon as possible. Thank you.

Youth Summer Schedule
Junior and Senior High

Wednesday night schedule

         Date    Location Food Provider Lesson
Jun-3     Sommer Residence Sommer family Brenda S.
Jun-17     Ramirez Residence Ramirez Family Jessica K.
Jul-1     Beatty Residence Beatty Family Lauren S.
Jul-15     Dunham Residence Dunham Family Jessica K.
Jul-29     Windle Residence Windle Family Lauren S.
Aug-5     The Fair The Fair Stacy L.

2015 Summer Classes June 7th
Starting June 7th, we will move into our summer class schedule for the adults. We will be splitting the men from the ladies and will have a specific study for each group. It will be a time where we can grow closer to Christ as men and women and discuss topics that will meet each groups specific needs. It will also be a time where the older can teach the younger and we can learn from one another. Hope to see you all here this summer.


Third Saturday of the month.

TIMES: 9-10am

June 20th

July 18

Vacation Bible School June 22-26
Our annual VBS is coming soon. We need volunteers and children. Contact Jonathan Burian for more information.