TIMES: 9-10am

Oct 18th

Nov 15th

Dec 20th

Starting Sept 7th we will be changing our prayer time during service. We will be placing bright pink cards in the pews for you to write your prayer requests on. These can be placed in the offering plates and they will be pulled out and shared with congregation unless posted "private." 

Sept 28th Celebrating 154 years
Our annual anniversary party will be held on Sept 28th, @ Dawson Lake. It will be from 1PM-5PM. Please plan on attending and sharing in this awesome celebration of the Lord's Word here in Saybrook.

Nov 5th: Guest Missionary
On Nov 5th during our Wed Night HIN we will be hosting a special missionary from Italy, Pino Neglia. He is a native Italian who has served his country preaching the gospel and planting churches for over 30 years. Pino is in the area for ICOM and I have invited him to share with us. Hope all will come and hear him.

Nov 9th: Mission Fare
Nov 9th will be our First Annual Mission Fare. We will be hosting the 8 missions we support and they will have tables set up and time will be given for us to get to know them better.

During Sunday school we will all get to go to them and ask questions. We will have a game to see who can the most questions answered from every missionary.

Worship service will be all about us being missionaries where we are.

There will be a potluck following with more time to get to know our missionaries.