Senior Minister Stacy Landry

Stacy Landry

Stacy Landry is the senior minister at Saybrook Christian Church. He is a graduate from Alberta Bible College and Lincoln Christian Seminary. He resides here in Saybrook with his wife, Belinda, and daughter, Stacia.

Counselor Brenda Sommer,LPC

Brenda Sommer

Brenda Sommer is a counselor at Hope Counseling Center, located in Saybrook Christian Church. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management from Lincoln Christian College, and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Lincoln Christian Seminary. She is licensed by the State of Illinois.

Youth Minister Jonathan Burian

Jonathan Burian

Jonathan Burian is our new youth minister. He is a graduate of Central Christian College of the Bible. He resides here in Saybrook with his wife, Emilee.