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'Find Hope' with Brenda is a video series we built with Brenda Sommer based on her experience and wisdom regarding how we can handle crisis. This idea was born out of the chaos and crisis brought about by the 2020 pandemic and evolved into a series where we can learn how to adapt and grow in ANY situation and learn how to focus on Hope in Christ which is in fact that anchor that keeps us from falling apart. 

Episode 1 - The first episode is about the purpose of this series while laying the groundwork for future topics.

Episode 2 - The second episode is about being able to recognize the impact that these events are having on our physical and mental health, and how to prepare for and respond to the issues we encounter.

Episode 3 - The third episode is about identifying where our thoughts linger so that we can learn to develop healthy thought patterns, emotional habits, and actions.

Episode 4 - The fourth episode challenges us to be mindful of what we are focusing on, as our focus determines where we spend our time and energy.

Episode 5 - The fifth episode is for those of us who are able to provide support and care for those in crisis.

Episode 6 - The sixth episode offers a list of 5 spiritual resources we can utilize to find strength and hope.

Episode 7 - The seventh and final episode is about how we can stand up and Find Hope even when everything feels like 'The End'.

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