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At Saybrook Christian Church we strive to equip each other to step into the ministries God has called us into. Here are some examples of how we can equip you at SCC.

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Relationship Reading

Life Groups


Life Groups are groups of friends, brothers and sisters, neighbors, and acquaintances who spend an hour and a half together once every other week with the express purpose of doing Life together. Life is not something you simply 'gotta get through' but something we can thrive in. Our Life Groups are designed to cultivate safety, build unity, and become a force for change in our relationships, patterns, and future.


We have a variety of Life Groups that are designed to accommodate people in different stages of Life, different spiritual pangs of hunger, and a variety of intentional community outreaches.


The generic structure for a regular Life Group meeting consists of a time for FELLOWSHIP (getting to know each other on a deeper more personal level), STUDY (looking at how the Bible actually plays a relevant role in our lives today while growing together), and PRAYER (lifting each other and the community up in an attitude that believes God can and wants to cultivate 'the Greater'). As each Life Group begins to take on it's own identity they naturally manifest IN-REACH (looking for ways to make sure we are taking care of each other within our Life Groups), and OUTREACH (looking for ways to meet the needs and establish a Kingdom presence in our communities). 


For more information on which Life Groups are currently meeting please feel free to CONTACT us or check out our Life Groups display in the entry area at SCC.

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Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm

During the school year, we use our Wednesdays to create a greater environment for kids, single parents, broken homes, and everyone else in our community to experience safety, fun and have their needs met. 


At present we offer a free meal (donations graciously accepted), a time of songs and lessons for the children and students, a time of encouragement and study for the adults. 

SCC Kids

We want to make sure that everyone in our community has access to the love and grace that we experience through Christ and our HIN program is that opportunity. Our brothers and sisters to step out of our routine and into the messiness of life and to come alongside each other to be the support and strength we so desperately need, and is unfound in the world. 

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Saybrook Christian Church is passionate about using our gifts, resources, and talents to minister to families and the children of our community. At present we have two primary ways in which we minister to and serve the children in our community. 

CHILDREN'S CHURCH: 3 weeks a month during our normal worship service we offer an experience for kids with activities and lessons that are designed specifically for their age. 

HIN: We offer a weekly ministry outreach for children, students, and adults alike (see above)



Discipleship is when we each make the decision to follow the lifestyles and choices of someone whom we've discovered to be a greater example of wisdom, habits, and passions than our own and we strive to learn from them and follow their life patterns. 


Here at Saybrook Christian Church, we believe Jesus was the epitome of this example and we strive to follow after his example. Part of that example was Discipleship. We desire to cultivate and establish relationships with each other, intentionally building each other up and challenging each other to be more and more like Jesus. 


We accomplish this by deliberately building relationships with each other, being involved in each other's lives, and practicing transparency with each other. These steps allow us to build each other up while processing through life patterns, choices, and habits through the lens of Jesus Christ. Not only does discipleship happen in one on one relationships but we also strive to assist in the growth and maturity of discipleship through our Life Groups. 

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