How Does 'Home Church' work?

During this time of Covid-19 we are trying to keep the flock safe, we have created ways for people to continue to be a part of the Family Gathering when they are not sure about attending in person here at the building. We are working hard to make the online service more available for everyone. For now, we are doing both in-person and on-line service. 

Each step of the way we will be evaluating and praying over how we 'do church' now and in the future. This process will be a long and delicate process. Please be patient as we learn how to be better at communicating and sharing the vision we sense the Lord to be giving us. This means that even when we regather, we will continue to have an on-line presence on our Facebook page.



    We are setting up chairs in the sanctuary separated for social distancing. We have set up the back for greater social distancing, designed so that people can still gather while making room for extra separation.


    We also want you to feel comfortable, if you desire to wear a mask, please feel welcomed to do so. If you don't want to wear a mask please feel welcome not to. It is your choice, all we ask is you respect the others' decision. 




    If you would like to gather with others and socialize we have no problem with this, as long as the people don't have a problem with it. Always check to see if they are comfortable or not.


  • Each “Home Church” will gather at 10am to watch the Live Stream online on our Website.

  • We will start with a time of WORSHIP by singing a few songs. 

  • We will then transition to a shortened MESSAGE delivered by Stacy.  We will then conclude the stream with a thought or question for your “Home Church” to discuss.

  • The DISCUSSION will be used by each “Home Church” to transition to a time of sharing together in COMMUNION and PRAYER.

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