How will 'Home Church' work?

During this time of rebooting and resetting for all of us, we, the leadership at SCC, are taking this time to seek the Lord and do our best to follow him into new and different things. We are using the common theme of 'new' in our world right now to cultivate a new way for us to interact with and seek the Lord together. 

Each step of the way we will be evaluating and praying over how we 'do church' now and in the future. This process will be a long and delicate process. Please be patient as we learn how to be better at communicating and sharing the vision we sense the Lord to be giving us.

We will be making an effort to update this page each month with our adaptations adjustments to our purpose for Home Churches and how we are striving to make them effective.


    We will gather after service this Sunday (7/12/20) to corporately review what we’ve been doing and how we will move forward with the final 2 weeks of July. We will then once again make rolling decisions for August during our August leadership meeting.



    9:30     - Coffee and Donuts/Fellowship

    10        - Songs and sermon

    10:30   - Break up into groups for discussion, prayer and communion

    11        - Review of the past 6 weeks and plan for Sunday 7/19




    We are setting up chairs in the sanctuary separated for social distancing


    During the service we will setup the back for greater social distancing, designed so that people can still gather while making room for extra separation.


    For those not comfortable with breaking off and gathering in groups we will have double cupped communion available for anyone who needs to leave after service.


    As part of our effort to continue to engage in safe social distancing we will have children remain with their family groups. 




    We will be discussing and reviewing the previous weeks of gathering and make plans for the rest of July. 

Previous Highlights


• We are NOT opening the building yet, but instead are creating new ways for us to build and have ‘community’ with each other.

• We will continue to live stream our services for the month of June but will be adapting the content and structure to accommodate a small group gathering format.

• We want to encourage EVERYONE to participate in a “Home Church”. A “Home Church” is a small group that will meet in homes throughout the community. A starting point for building our “Home Chuches” is our existing Life Groups. You can start this process by contacting your Life Group leader and discussing what it would look like to watch the live stream together, followed by an open discussion, prayer and communion together.

• If you are not already connected with a Life Group, please reach out to Stacy OR Jonathan for ways that you can still get plugged in (or start a new group) and connected with where the Lord is leading us as Saybrook Christian Church.


  • Each “Home Church” will gather at 10am to watch the Live Stream online.

  • We will start with a time of WORSHIP by singing a few songs. 

  • We will then transition to a shortened MESSAGE delivered by either Stacy or Jonathan.  We will then conclude the stream with a thought or question for your “Home Church” to discuss.

  • The DISCUSSION will be used by each “Home Church” to transition to a time of sharing together in COMMUNION and PRAYER.

SCC VISION (during this transition):

Our desire is to move into new and different ways of equipping each other to do Kingdom work, while reaching into the community and being the church outside of a ‘building’. We are using the model of the first church to do this.

We DO NOT have all this figured out and are working diligently to keep the Lord in front of us and to keep everyone informed as we move forward. We appreciate feedback and especially value encouragement and any insight that the Lord might give you as we each play a part in this journey. If you have questions or would like to know more please reach out to Stacy, Jonathan or an Elder.

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