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Scripture (9/20)

John 3:16

2 Corinthians 9:6-12

Main theme discussion

In what ways has God been generous towards you?

What areas of you life are hard for you to be generous with?

What motivates you to be generous with what God has given you?

In what way will you work to be generous this week?

Communion thoughts

Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was the greatest demonstration of God's generosity towards us. Consider and share the other stories and ways God demonstrated his generosity in big ways.


Father, I thank for you so much for all the ways you have been generous to me/us (list them out loud). You don't owe me anything and yet you continue to unfairly good to me/us. Help me to be more aware of how well you look out for me/us and lead me to be more like you.

Generic discussion thoughts

If you are looking for some questions to help stimulate discussion these might be helpful.

  * What is something that stood out to you in this passage?

  * Are there any words, phrases or references that are unfamiliar?

  * Is this passage talking about something culturally different to what we're used to?

  * What did the author intend for us to understand by writing this?

  * How does this passage fit with the passages around it?

  * Are there other parts in the Bible that talk something similar to this passage?

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