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Sermon (05-16-2021) RECAPTURE

Recapture The Message

Recapture the power of Scripture

Recapturing means that something has gotten away, or that it slid away, or is not as powerful as it used to be, to experience again. (Ex: recapturing the awe of Scripture.) The intent of this series of sermons is to bring SCC out of COVID & TRANSITION stagnation and recapture the vigor, service, evangelism, and zeal that was part of SCC before all this happened. While not wanting to live in the past, the intent of this sermon series is to encourage, reactivate, and create a new sense of mission and purpose. In essence, the concept of recapture is threefold: Recapture the Message; Recapture the Mission; and Recapture Discipleship.

Main theme discussion

  1. What scares you about picking up God’s Word?

  2. What hinders you from understanding God’s Word?

  3. What are ways you have overcome this?

Communion thoughts

As you come to the table, take time to look to Jesus. Give Him praise for the forgiveness of your sins, and give Him praise for continuing to help you overcome daily the sins that you still wrestle with. Communion is your reminder of God’s sacrificial love for you!


Father, open our minds to Your Word. Open our hearts to believe it fully!

Generic discussion thoughts

If you are looking for some questions to help stimulate discussion these might be helpful.

  * What is something that stood out to you in this passage?

  * Are there any words, phrases or references that are unfamiliar?

  * Is this passage talking about something culturally different to what we're used to?

  * What did the author intend for us to understand by writing this?

  * How does this passage fit with the passages around it?

  * Are there other parts in the Bible that talk something similar to this passage?

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