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Refilling a Prescription

I had an encounter in a drug store one time while visiting with my mom that has stuck with me for years. The experience was so striking that it's actually shaped how I see forgiveness and the importance of taking a step back to consider yourself in view of others. 

My mom held a fairly prestigious position in a hospital where everyone respected and revered her. It was interesting because they also automatically respected me as well simply because she was my mother. Well during a visit I accompanied her after work to a small drug store across the street from the hospital. Less than a block mind you. She walks up to the counter and asks for her prescription refill. The pharmacist was a bit rude and demanded the appropriate ID and information required for any regular person to get their prescriptions. Well having just experienced professionals in the medical field, 50 yards away, showing my mother a much greater level of honor I was shocked and surprised. As we walked out of the drug store a moment later I asked my mother "Doesn't she know who you are?" To which my mother replied "Honey I'm not anybody special."

This Sunday, August 26th, we're going to take some time to dig into how refilling a prescription gives us insight into the heart of Christ. 

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Mar 29

My father and I have gone through something similar. We race RC cars, and everyone respects my dad either by reputation, or by knowing him personally. Sometimes, someone will disrespect him in the littlest ways. They'll snap at him, or make a rude remark, etc. I'll think to myself, "Do they know what he's done to help this track?" He's helped build walls for some tracks. But no matter how bad they treat him, he is still kind to him. Whenever I ask why, he says, "It says why in the Bible. 'Love thy neighbour as thyself'. " It always makes me stop and wonder how he manages to keep these principles in mind. Sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) …

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