"Whole" is our effort in 2020 to seek out and discover all the ways that Jesus wants to make us whole.

We know that there is nothing we can offer God that is worthy of his attention of affection (Isaiah 64:6; all our righteous deeds are like a polluted garment.) and yet we are called to give him love with all of ourselves (Luke 27:10; “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”)




We believe that through the power of the cross God is wanting to make us whole in these 4 primary areas so that we can effectively Love God & Love Others.


Heart (Emotions) - Emotions are fleeting and can change in a moment. However, they are a good gift from God that help us understand the good or bad of our circumstances. Although they are not intended to be used as a guide for us to make decisions on we often find ourselves bending to the will of our emotions. We want to learn how God is making us whole in our hearts by teaching us how to use them as he intended and not allow them to master us.


Soul (Conscience) - Our souls can be conflicted with trying to discern what is right and wrong. We can also get caught up in trying to figure out if it is our soul that is leading us or our emotions. As God wants to restore to us the wholeness of our very souls we want to learn how to use our soul to connect with his spirit and follow after him and not be mastered by our flesh.


Strength (Physically) - We were commanded to take dominion over creation. We do this in our bodies and yet creation is broken and so too are our bodies. We want to explore what it means that God wants to make us whole physically so that we can indeed love him with all of our strength. 


Mind (Logic) - God never intended for us to love or interact with him ignorantly. He often invites us to explore, test, and discover the ultimate realities of the universe. He challenges us to use our intellect to seek him out. Ask questions and seek out truth. We want to discover what it means that our minds can be made whole in the way we think and understand him, but most importantly know and understand his love us as we strive to give it in return.



Becoming WHOLE is a process and it can get messy. But the process is worth it!

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